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July 31, 2012

Type Like a Teenager, Communicate Like a Professional

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(Originally posted on the Paradigm Consulting blog.)

Whether it’s fair, or not, people judge you by the words you use, spoken and written. This applies to electronic communication as well and, while the accepted norms for grammar are being relaxed more and more every day, f u typ lik ths n a prof ltr, ul look like a ful. (more…)

July 8, 2012

Today’s Spam/Scam Brought to You by…

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What would my inbox be like without my old AOL account?

How are you doing? I am Anastasya. i look for a gentleman. i commonly am tidy, paint… Reply me email in Yours, Anastasya…

That’s great! I am looking for a woman who commonly is tidy, paint…

Seriously, it scares me to think that things like this work as openers to social engineering and Nigerian scams that end up robbing people of not only time and money, but sometimes even their lives. Be careful out there.

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