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As Young As I Feel…

Today, I define happiness as being close to twice the legal drinking age and being carded. The best part was the fact that the woman didn’t even ask at first – she just looked at me as if what she wanted was totally apparent. After a few seconds she simply said “ID?” I thanked her, […]

On Choices

I just read this article on he blog of Tim Ferris, currently my favorite author and inspiration for what I hope to be some serious life-changing events. The article discusses “the choice effect,” which boils down to “the more choices we are given, the less satisfied we tend to be” because we’re always suffering from […]

Outside My Comfort Zone With Work, Bikes, and Blondie

Comfort breeds complacency. Why is that such a bad thing? We spend a large chunk of our lives trying to get comfortable, and then one day, our comfort suddenly changes from something that we are happy and, forgive the circular reference, comfortable with, to a hinderance which makes us want to kick ourselves later. (more…)

Small Delay in Travel Plans

Due to my still getting over this cold thing I’ve had (for two and a half weeks), my vaccinations being somewhat out of date, and my passport being close to expiration, I’ve decided to delay my travel plans until next month. By then the antibiotics will have done their job (or I’ll be dead), my […]