Archive / June, 2009

Windows 7 Now Available for Pre-Order

Windows 7 is now available for pre-ordering. Looks like there’s no stopping it now. Jason Watkins had better be ready to pony up my five bucks in a few months!

Safari 4 (or “Way to Make a Great First Impression, Apple”)

This morning I started up Safari 4 on my Windows box. I won’t go into the controversy about Apple’s auto-update policies, or privacy concerns with it pre-caching sites you (have not yet) visit(ed), etc. I think the first page I got sums it up nicely.      

Calorie Counting (or, “I Lied”)

Last week I decided not to count calories anymore, and to just track my weight unless I felt the need to “diet” again. That resolution lasted about 6 hours. I decided after 4 straight days of weighing in at 170#, enough was enough, and I needed to be more careful again, so I never stopped […]