Archive / May, 2009

Electric Scooter Update (Or, the Truth About Battery Powered Vehicles)

Last year I purchased an electric scooter from R Martin Limited with the intention of cutting my fuel costs. Unfortunately, I did not ride the scooter much last year, except in my 9 mile commute to the office because it was not capable of anything more than a 20 mile trip without draining the batteries. […]

Aikido Seminar with William Gleason Sensei

This weekend I attended an Aikido seminar with William Gleason Sensei at Shobu Aikido of the Berkshires. While it would be somewhat pointless to discuss much of the subject matter in this forum, it is sufficient to say that training with Gleason Sensei is, at the very least, awesome. His grasp of Aikido is unique […]

Useful and Fun Bash Prompt Tweaking

A friend of mine gave me the following code, which he pulled off of The site’s still in beta, and I don’t have an account there so I can’t actually get the full source URL, but here’s the code: (more…)