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Are We There Yet?

This weekend, thanks to my friend’s small child, I had a brilliant suggestion for auto makers and after market car whiz-bang installers: Stop installing DVD players in the back seat (which just perpetuate the military industrial entertainment complex) and GPS receivers in the dashboard (which lead to distracted drivers and accidents). Instead, put the display […]

Really Fast ICMP Echo Requests

Today I was helping a client troubleshoot some odd network behavior. He reported that he had no network connectivity. Not knowing exactly what he meant by that, I decided to ping his computer from one of the servers at the same location. What followed next was pretty interesting. (more…)

Information Disclosure: A Real World Example (non-IT)

A friend of mine collapsed on New Year’s Eve (no, not from drinking) and was admitted to the regional hospital. I called last night to ask when visiting hours were. I gave his name and was transferred to the department where he was (in the ICU). The gentleman I spoke with there told me to […]