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Join My Network on LinkedIn!

I love getting these invitations to connect with folks on LinkedIn. Apparently, when I chose to name my company “Paradigm Consulting Co.” it was not the most original name I could have chosen. (I knew that, but hey, it was the mid-90’s and “paradigm” was a popular buzzword.) Here’s the message I got: (more…)

Adventuring Party Politics: The Campaign is Getting Ugly

(Possibly originally posted at – if anyone does know, please contact me so I can give proper attribution.) GM: OK, the bugbear attacks you.  What do you do? OBAMA: I send one of my 672 henchmen after it. MCCAIN: OK, seriously.  Why does he have so many henchmen?  I’m a level 72 ranger and […]

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball…

I apologize for having to speak in riddles and ambiguities, but hell, it’s more fun anyway. So last night, the wave I’ve been riding (which is my term for just accepting the things life throws at me which can’t be changed anyway) dipped out from under me. (more…)