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Question for InfoSec Types: Is DHCP a Security Risk?

We recently had an IT audit at one of my clients’ locations. One of the issues raised by the auditor was that our DHCP server was a security risk because it would allow anyone to plug in to the LAN, get an IP address, and start browsing or scanning the network for vulnerabilities.  (more…)

RT 3.8.0 – Stable Again Thanks To InnoDB

Thanks to a couple of helpful folks on the rt-users mailing list, we were able to track down the cause of our problems. We experienced some corruption in our MySQL databases. I found out that you should “never” run RT on MyISAM tables and always use InnoDB. Oddly enough, we’ve run on MyISAM for years […]

WordPress 2.6.1 Upgrate

I just ugpraded to WordPress 2.6.1, following my usual procedure (backup, download, extract over existing blog). I got some errors when I clicked to update the database: WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name ‘comment_approved’] ALTER TABLE nikolaidis_wp_comments ADD KEY comment_approved (comment_approved) WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name ‘type_status_date’] ALTER TABLE nikolaidis_wp_posts ADD KEY type_status_date (post_type,post_status,post_date,ID) […]

RT 3.8.0 Server is Hosed After Corrupt Sessions Table, myisamchk

To all of my regular readers, apologies if this post seems a bit out of the ordinary, but if you read on, you’ll see why I’m documenting this here, as opposed to in my ticketing system. On Friday afternoon, for no apparent reason, while I was the only user on my RT 3.8.0 system, after […]

Medifast – 2 months, ~25 pounds

Two months ago, I started on the Medifast plan. I was 208# then, and I’ve been as low as 183.4# a couple of days ago. Weight fluctuates, so I’m up a bit today, but I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds in two months. It doesn’t sound quite as impressive as when I lost 18 pounds in […]