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It’s Official: Funpidgin is Now Carrier Instant Messenger

Justin Hayes has just confirmed that Funpidgin has officially been renamed to Carrier Instant Messenger! I wonder if I’ll get a mention in an obscure footnote of the release docs that no one will ever see.

Fedora 9 GNOME Live CD Trial

Recall in my last post that I had some trouble with the Fedora 9 KDE live CD. So I decided to give the GNOME live CD a spin and see if I had any better luck. I did not. Fedora, I’m sorry. I tried. Maybe I’ll see you again with Fedora 10.

Kicking the Tires of Fedora 9 – KDE Live CD

I know I’m going to get some flak for this from our Fedora listeners, but I can’t restrain myself. I downloaded the Fedora Live CD (KDE edition) to give it a whirl. Yes, I admit that I bundled three things I don’t particularly care for into one download (Fedora, KDE, and KDE 4), so you […]

Fresh Ubuntu Podcast: Hardy Heron Round Table

Today we recorded the second Fresh Ubuntu round table episode, with many special guests! Harlem and I were joined by Chad Wollenberg from the Linux Basement podocast, Knightwise from the Knightcast, Emmett Stewart (aka “CafeNinja“), and Jason Watkins (formerly of the In the Trenches podcast). Later on, the second shift showed up, and Alan Pope […]