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April 29, 2008

ECFiber/VTA Editorial in Today’s Valley News

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See this editorial in today’s Valley News for a pretty good summary of the state of ECFiber with respect to the VTA.

April 26, 2008

Tim Nulty’s Response: “My Turn”

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The reaction of an ECFiber delegate (a project to clone Burlington Telecom in rural Vermont) to the Free Press article was: “The tone is negative, but the facts are actually positive for BT”. Quite so. (more…)

Burlington Telecomm Article in the Free Press

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See this article on the current state of Burlington Telecom which ran in the Burlington Free Press yesterday. I think it is written pretty fairly, from my perspective, and raises some legitimate concerns. Note that, while BT may be behind on its predictions, it is projected to break even within the next few months. Taking advantage of current low interest rates to refinance its current debt load is probably a good opportunity for them to sustain this status, and move into the black in the future. The questions about the lack of details in early plans are legitimate, and things that EC Fiber must be certain to take into consideration now, or hopefully, they already have.

April 25, 2008

ECFiber Network Pre-Registrations

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Current tally, as of today:

ECFiber Town %Households
Stockbridge 51.00%
Barnard 47.00%
Granville 44.00%
Pomfret 41.00%
Vershire 41.00%
Sharon 38.00%
Strafford 35.00%
Tunbridge 31.00%
Thetford 30.00%
Chelsea 23.00%
Woodstock 19.00%
Hancock 19.00%
West Windsor 18.00%
Rochester 16.00%
Norwich 13.00%
Bethel * 12.00%
Reading 12.00%
Brookfield * 11.00%
Royalton 9.00%
Hartford 7.00%
Williamstown * 7.00%
Braintree 6.00%
Randolph 5.00%
Montpelier 2.00%

New Fresh Ubuntu Podcast Logo!

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Harlem put together a new logo for the Fresh Ubuntu Podcast. Here’s a small copy, and a link to the full-sized version, which I’m currently using as my desktop wallpaper.

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