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Fun With Exmerge and Exchange 2003

I’ll make this post short and sweet. Two days ago, I attempted to back up several user mailboxes for a client by using Exmerge. I attempted to run Exmerge using the Administrator account which, by design, did not work. The process would start, then fail with an error saying that the necessary rights weren’t in […]

“New Version of Windows in 2009?” or “My Bet With Jason”

Inspired by a recent article which follows up on prior speculation that the successor to Windows Vista may be released as early as 2009 (furthering its marketing and user perception as “Windows Me Professional”), I decided to wager the whopping sum of $5 that it will happen! Jason Watkins has taken the bet, so here […]

How to Install NTBackup on Windows XP Home

“I want to back up my home PC,” you say. “Use ntbackup,” I respond. “It doesn’t come with XP Home,” you reply. Ah, but it does… sort of. True, NTBackup, the backup utility for Windows, is not installed by default on XP Home systems, but it is included on your installation CD. Installing it is […]