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Jim Cramer’s “Stay Mad for Life” – Part One

Despite Amazon’s best efforts to delay our Christmas festivities, one of the presents I received was a copy of Jim Cramer‘s “Stay May For Life” Apparently he’s an investment guru whom my mom has been following for a while. Despite the criticisms he’s received (see the Wikipedia link above) I’m inclined to hear what he […]

All I Want For Christmas

Alright, fiends and family have asked what I want for Christmas, so here goes: A KTrakcycle conversion kit. Unlikely I’ll get this, as the wife thinks it’s expensive and dangerous A Nokia n810 or an Asus EEE PC (the bigger model with 8G flash drive). Marvel Heroscape Expansion Set. Heck, just about any Heroscape stuff […]

Social Networking – Friend and Follow Everyone?

I’ve noticed a few “web-celebs” have a tendency to “friend” and “follow” everyone who “friends” and “follows” them. My first impression remains: what can anyone do with all that chatter? For example, Robert Scoble, an “A-List blogger,” claims he follows everyone that follows him. He’s got 5,000 friends in Facebook (the current limit), and is […]