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  • Peter Nikolaidis 9:51 am on December 25, 2007 Permalink  

    Jim Cramer’s “Stay Mad for Life” – Part One 

    Despite Amazon’s best efforts to delay our Christmas festivities, one of the presents I received was a copy of Jim Cramer‘s “Stay May For Life” Apparently he’s an investment guru whom my mom has been following for a while. Despite the criticisms he’s received (see the Wikipedia link above) I’m inclined to hear what he has to say. Why not, right?
    I’ve decided to share some of the highlights of his book as I read through it.

    In chapter two, he mentions three important things:

    1. Create a budget for daily, monthly, and annual expenses.
      Okay, so far, I’m with him on this. Although I’ve rarely budgeted my personal expenses, putting together a budget is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, so this seems as good an excuse as any.
    2. Carry health insurance.

      This is also a timely piece of advice. Given that we are seeing another double-digit (18%) increase in health insurance premiums this year, I asked my wife to investigate alternatives such as self-funding insurance or a health savings account. Unfortunately, it appears that the best course of action is to pay somewhere around $800/mo. for health insurance, with a $10,000 deductible. Crisis? Maybe. Ridiculous? Definitely.

    3. Carry no balances on credit cards.

      This one’s a no-brainer for me. I can remember once in my life when I carried balances on a credit card intentionally, and that was to get me into college when I showed up to find that financial aid hadn’t come through as planned. I paid them off within a year, but other than that, I am well aware that carrying 20%+ interest rates for a short-term cash loan is insane. If you need short-term loans, seek out your local credit union. I know, (from experience, as I’m a member of my local credit union‘s board of directors) that they are there to help you.

    Assuming the book continues to hold my attention, I’ll post updates as I read through it.

  • Peter Nikolaidis 1:42 pm on December 15, 2007 Permalink  

    All I Want For Christmas 

    Alright, fiends and family have asked what I want for Christmas, so here goes:

  • Peter Nikolaidis 8:44 pm on December 11, 2007 Permalink  

    Verizon: I’m Not the Only One Who Hates You 

    I love this post, which makes my previous experiences with Verizon look quite tame. Yet another reason why I’d like to see a local, community-owned telephone, television, Internet service provider in this area.

  • Peter Nikolaidis 9:26 am on December 8, 2007 Permalink  

    Social Networking – Friend and Follow Everyone? 

    I’ve noticed a few “web-celebs” have a tendency to “friend” and “follow” everyone who “friends” and “follows” them. My first impression remains: what can anyone do with all that chatter?

    For example, Robert Scoble, an “A-List blogger,” claims he follows everyone that follows him. He’s got 5,000 friends in Facebook (the current limit), and is following 6,946 (at the time of this writing) people on Twitter. Author J.C. Hutchins has 741 followers and is following 745.

    I can’t imagine what that’s like. I suppose since I review my Twitter and Facebook feeds via RSS, my method simply would not work, and I’d miss, well almost everything. From a “snapshot in time” perspective, these guys’ method may be more interesting, but if your motive is more like mine, to actually track everything that goes into your feed, it’s practically impossible to manage the sheer volume of noise that is going to be flying through that stream.

    So, just for kicks, I am following more of the folks who follow me on Twitter. If I end up not following you after a period of time, I apologize in advance. I’m sure it’s not because the content of your feed is boring, I just don’t have the time to track it all (and play World of Warcraft). Okay, maybe it’s because it was a tiny bit boring, but please don’t assume that. Besides, it’s hard to compete with World of Warcraft.

    • iblogscott 1:49 pm on December 8, 2007 Permalink

      oh, come on, you know it WAS boring!!

      yeah, i think a lot of these people just follow others to have massive numbers. i really like the “celebs” who come out and specifically say, i’m not gonna follow you if i don’t know you. i’m sure there’s been at least one! hehe

      anyway.. this social networking site bs is getting out of hand. i could rant on this for hours.

    • peter 10:41 am on December 9, 2007 Permalink

      I shall be awaiting your rant on friend/follow reciprocity.

  • Peter Nikolaidis 8:44 pm on December 6, 2007 Permalink  

    Man Page Minute – find 

    find – search for files in a directory hierarchy (More …)

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