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The Joys of Off-Shoring

A friend just shared this hilarious YouTube video with me. Ah, the joys of off-shoring. I’m having trouble embedding it into my blog, so you’ll have to click to follow the link, but it’s well worth it.

How to *Quickly* Log on to a New Windows Domain

If you’re not an IT professional, then please skip this article, as it’s  irrelevant. If you are, and have ever installed a fresh Windows workstation into a domain, or want to switch domains, you may have experienced the phenomenon where the first time you try to log in to the new domain, it takes a […]

Broadband: Good For Jobs

This article points to a study that shows why we need broadband here. I think it ties in nicely with what Justin has to say about the Bethel economy, and how the big three or four businesses in town would prefer to have a steady stream of uneducated labor at their fingertips. If you’re interested […]

Fiber-Optics? Not in Bethel!

You’ve got to love it when the presenter of a proposal to bring telephone, television, and high-speed Internet access at a fraction of the cost of current providers’ services (in places where they are even available) asks “does anyone not want to see these services available?” And one person, in the approximately 35 assembled, raises […]

E-mail Inbox Management Tips

I frequently run across client machines of all sorts who complain of various problems related to email. Many of them have one thing in common: thousands of messages in their Inbox. I’ve been saying this for years, and I still believe that sloppy email management is the cause of problems on every mail system I […]