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Hewlett-Packard (HP) ProCurve Support Is the Best. Period.

I am astounded as to the lengths that Spencer, the tech who is handling my case where we are working to address extremely slow network performance, will go. The service we are getting is incredible, and this is all included just because we purchased ProCurve equipment. Combine this with their lifetime warranty, and this is […]

Switch Troubleshooting for Fun and Profit

I spent an entire day troubleshooting odd network problems at a local client last Friday. The symptoms were: Users could not get their email access files on the server log on successfully Internet access was sluggish, for some users, but fine for others. Software deployments from across the networks (content filtering software, Ghost images, GPO-deployed […]

Current Thoughts on Pownce

I decided to just post this excerpt from a conversation I’m having with friends over on Pownce. “I’m actually more partial to Facebook and Twitter now, for a couple of reasons. Both of them support a mobile interface, and although this is really minor, I hate the fact that I cannot login via the Pownce […]

Social Networking Update

So, in the span of a few weeks, I’ve gone from having nearly no social networking experience to having accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce,, and Flickr. Aside from always thinking I’m supposed to spell Twitter with no ‘e’, the hardest parts have been deciding where to post things, and how to aggregate […]

Howto Install Debian 4.0 on PowerBook G4

Power on the (4 year-old) PowerBook. Insert the Debian CD. Hold down the C key to boot from CD. Follow standard Debian installation. Done. Wow. After all of those howtos I was reading on installing Debian (and other distros) on a PowerMac, that was really, really simple.