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June 28, 2007

Google Returning Porn Links?

Filed under: Techspeak — Peter Nikolaidis @ 1:08 pm

Today I decided to use Google to find out what movies were playing in nearby Hanover, NH. I searched for the following: “movies: Hanover, NH”

This is what I got back (EXPLICIT):

Showtimes for Hanover, NHMore movies
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – 1hr 29min – Rated PG – Action/Adventure/SciFi/Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller – Trailer31 reviews:
Live Free or Die Hard – 2hr 10min – Rated PG-13 – Action/Adventure/Suspense/Thriller – Trailer3 reviews:
Evan Almighty – 1hr 30min – Rated PG – Comedy – Trailer17 reviews:

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Michigan movie theaters Peppers in broad ripple, indiana

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Results for ‘Violent’

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Results for ‘Alcohol Abuse’

Andy Nordhoff (603) 653-653-0784 Early Drinking in Teens Linked to Alcohol Use in Movies HANOVER, NH – Seeing movies that feature characters drinking . – 18k – Supplemental Result – CachedSimilar pagesNote this
[ More results from ]

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June 20, 2007

Selling My House

Filed under: Bethel,Personal — Peter Nikolaidis @ 9:28 am

I’ve decided to sell my house in Bethel. Given that my wife has a house in Gaysville and we own a multi-use building downtown, I really don’t need to be paying the upkeep and taxes on a house that I can’t live in right now.
I’ve engaged the services of a local realtor, Paul Rea from Rural Vermont Real Estate, and so far, he has been a joy to work with. We are thinking along the same lines, and he is being very proactive and clearly communicating with us.

If you’re interested in a very nice house in a sweet, quiet location with 5.7 acres of land, let me know!

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