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Three Sides To Every Story

Someone (I believe it was the rock band “Extreme“) once said there are three sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth. This past Monday night’s Selectboard meeting seems to be an example of this. According to the meeting minutes, “Chairman Fox said he wished to set in place a format by which Selectboard […]

A Neat Way to Remember Secure Passwords

While looking for a quick and dirty password generator which would create easy to remember but hard to guess passwords, I stumbled across this post on McAfee’s AvertLabs blog. Very cool, and simple enough that anyone can use this technique to make really secure, yet memorable passwords.

DST 2007 – Because Y2K Just Wasn’t Enough Fun

As of this morning, we all “sprang forward” an hour, three weeks earlier than we used to, at the direction of Congress. To save energy, Daylight Saving Time was moved up, so we can all save more daylight! Hooray! Saving is good, we should save more. Seriously though, I’ve had to make adjustments to many […]