Archive / August, 2006

How I Installed Zabbix 1.1 on Ubuntu 6.06

After reading about Zabbix again in Linux Server Hacks, Vol. 2 I decided to take another stab at installing it. I had given it a shot a few months ago on an older Fedora box, and because of dependancy hell, gave up without getting it installed. So I figured I’d try again on my Ubuntu […]

On the Road (yet) Again

After reading last week’s letter to the editor regarding Bethel’s roads in the Herald of Randolph, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who is maintaining a sense of humor about the state of the roads here in Bethel. Great job, Bill! You are a master of satire! On the other hand, […]

The Purpose of Passwords

If my clients are any indication, most people think that the purpose of a password is one of the following: a way for their consultant/system administrator to make their system harder to use, an inconvenience, their name, their birthday the word “password.” Let me set the record straight. The purpose of a password is to […]