Archive / May, 2006

Owning Property Sucks

I rant about my recent experiences relating to a building I purchased in 2005. My advice to would-be property owners? RENT!

On the Road Again

Back on the topic of Bethel’s roads, and whether the problem is money, or operator error. If I hear correctly, it’s both.


For the fourth time in less than a year, my building downtown, which houses my business, as well as several others, has been vandalized. Not counting when a drunk driver crashed his truck into the front of my building after having too much to drink at the Bethel Depot (a fact that I am sure […]

All Things in Moderation

After being elected moderator of last night’s school budget meeting, I have newfound respect for Carroll Ketchum and other town meeting moderators who have served before him. Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure are thorough, and at first, quite confusing, but once you get an understanding of them, they actually start to make sense. However, when […]