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MercRX 2010.1

This year’s first Mercury Retrograde is turning out to be a doozy. Some roadblocks are finally giving way (getting things underway with the coffee shop), other delays are springing up (from the construction taking place just before my favorite bike paths to the digging in the street outside my office), to a long lost friend, […]

Book Review: Daniel Suarez’s Daemon and Freedom (TM)

I recently read both of Daniel Suarez’s novels, Daemon and Freedom (TM). They are what I would call great sci-fi, with a strong emphasis on the science. Warning – minor spoilers appear if you continue reading. (more…)


I’ve been feeling like I’m on a plateau lately. At least, that’s what people usually call this type of period in training, when it does not feel like you’re making any progress. (more…)