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Adventures in Sales

It’s no secret (is it?) that sales guys and IT guys often don’t get along (see this link or maybe this one for classic examples). Today, I add my own recent experience in dealing with sales. (more…)

Book Review: Million Dollar Consulting

I recently finished reading Million Dollar Consulting: The Professional’s Guide to Growing a Practice by Alan Weiss. Overall, I found the book to be very useful, and I recommend it to other people in the consulting or contracting fields. (more…)

Fair Point Story Du Jour

I have a client with a T1 line in Rutland, Vermont. At the moment, the line is down (which should not surprise anyone, as this is the 5th time in as many months that we’ve had down T’s in the area). I called Fair Point to log a ticket, and spoke with “Trisha,” who said, […]

iPhone Battery Boosters & Kindle Price Drop

Readers of this blog already know about the issues I’ve been having with my iPhone 3Gs. The most annoying is, without a doubt, the short battery life. After the restore, and spending a full day in the field, I am experiencing what seems to be “normal” battery life of about 6-7 hours of use without […]